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The city's most beautiful venue with 30 to 500 seats.

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Cloud Analytics Modernization

We have meeting rooms of different sizes and for different events. The flagship is the main hall, but still no bigger than the stage has good contact with the rear seats. The room does not feel empty if there are only 40 people there. The cafe is cozy and also has a sound and video system. Whether there are 10 or 500 of you, we will find a solution for you.

Data Science Acceleration

We can arrange good food adapted to your event.  Our cafe has room for 220 people.

Full Customer Experience Service

One of the region's best  conference rooms with the city's best sound system. Lighting rigs are of course also in place. The other rooms are also equipped with microphones and a monitor (HDMI), also teleloop. If necessary, image and sound can be shown in several rooms at the same time.

Main hall and tendon

One of the region's finest concert and conference rooms with good sound and atmosphere.


Main hall

Conference room with chairs

The little tendon

Slightly smaller gatherings for 10-40 people.



VIP room

A more sheltered room for smaller meetings with the possibility of catering

VIP Room

A completely sheltered room with direct access to the stage and its own entrance from the outside. With mini kitchen.

VIP room


With up to 220 seats, large conferences or parties can be held.


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Your next conference in an inspiring setting

Welcome to the region's most beautiful conference centre, which is located midway between the airport (2.2 km) and the city center (4 km), right by the E39. Good bus connections and free parking. Accommodation with the neighbour, Kviltorp camping, or in the city's hotels. We are also just one km from the guest harbor at Tøndergård.

The premises have modern sound and video facilities and teleloop, as well as simultaneous interpretation equipment. You get delicious service and reasonable day packages.
The conference center is owned by the Pentecostal congregation Sion Molde, which also uses the premises for its activities.

Are you ready for your next one?

Are you in the planning phase and need more information? Contact.

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