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Our Services

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Memorial service

We have a cozy cafe that has everything you need for a worthy memory.
We cover, decorate and serve good food (selected at the bottom of the "Contact us" page) so that there is less to think about for you.
Here there are microphones and connection for PC with HDMI if you want to show pictures or video, or just for background music. The sound also goes to the teleloop so that everyone can hear what is happening.
The venue is within walking distance, 1.2 km, from Tøndergård cemetery and 3.6 km from Røbekk church.
Parking with us is free.

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Sound and image
Ceiling speakers have been installed so that the sound is heard uniformly and equally well throughout the room, regardless of where you sit. Two wireless microphones are connected. Image from a PC, connected with HDMI or VGA, is displayed on one or both of the 75" screens we have in the room depending on the table location. It is also possible to connect to another audio source, for example a mobile phone with a 3.5mm mini-jack.


The venue also has a telephone loop.


For overnight stays, our neighbor Kviltorp camping is a good alternative. They have top quality with hotel standard, in cabins or rorbu. There you can make breakfast yourself, or have it served to us.

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